Enjoy a private “Setouchi” on a small island with a population of 7

¥ /person

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Private cruising in the Seto Inland Sea.
You can experience the history and culture of Japan
through the lives of locals by arriving around the islands of Setouchi,
which is like the Aegean Sea, while landing on distinctive islands.
Routes around Omishima and overlooking Tatara Bridge from directly beneath,
and visits to Rabbit Island, Mitarai,
and shipyards from boats are very popular both domestically and internationally.
This plan can be used not only for bridging between islands,
but also for sunset cruises, fireworks cruises (summer only),
and seasonal options.
Departure location Hiroshima prefecture, Mihara city
Departure date and time 13:15 Arrival 13:30 Depart from Mihara Station (Japan time)
Arrival date 12:00 Mihara Port
Including services ✓ breakfast
Optional services × Recreational fishing experience
× Bicycle rental





















12:00 Mihara Port Meeting
* Each ticket purchased 390 yen one way (Mihara Port → Kosagi)
12:10 Mihara Port Departure
12:35 NAVEL School Arrival
* Luggage storage until check-in

School of Navel

Remote island rental
Setouchi whole experience
Renovation of an old private houseJapanese style

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18:00 dinner




7:30 breakfast
* Free after breakfast
9:30 free time
12:00 Arrival at Mihara Port