Hattendo Cafelie bread making experience and factory tour


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At Hattendo Cafelie you can enjoy a bread making experience and a factory tour! !
In the bread making experience,
you can enjoy the experience of making only one bread in a world
that can only be made by yourself and injecting plenty of cream into the bread at once!
From children to adults, it is an experience that everyone can enjoy.
One of the great attractions of the factory tour is
that you can actually go inside the manufacturing site
and observe the production of cream bread using your five senses.
Freshly baked bread that smells fluffy!
Please enjoy the skillful movement of the staff.
After the tour of the factory, you can get a souvenir cream bread.
Please enjoy the bread making experience
and factory tour that can only be enjoyed at Hattendo Cafelie!

Contents Information

Product name Hattendo Cafelie bread making experience and factory tour
Price Purchase price:¥1,500 (Factory tour ¥500, bread making ¥1,000)
Offer price (forecast):¥1,800 (Factory tour ¥600, bread making ¥1,200)
Provided Date: Week / Time Factory tour  without holiday
①9:15②10:45③13:00④14:30(each 1 hour and 15 minutes)
Bread making without holiday
①10:00②11:00③12:00④13:00⑤14:00⑥15:00⑦16:00 (each 30 minutes)
Number of people, restrictions, etc. Contact required Tour: 30 people (Not for under 3 years old) Bread making: 15 people
Language Japanese.
※ Translator needs to be contacted in advance
Departure and dissolution Zennyujiyoukurayama, Hongo-cho, Mihara, Hiroshima
Hattendo Hiroshima Mihara Rinku Plant
Local assembly 10 to 15 minutes before the tour time
Time required: 1 hour 15 minutes for tour, 30 minutes for bread making
Service Content 〇Factory tour (with guide)
〇Bread making experience (with tools, materials, guidance)
〇Take-out of finished product