Enjoy 360 degrees in Setouchi


Book content
A luxurious cruising experience in the Seto Inland Sea that boasts the beauty of the archipelago!
Why don’t you rent a cruiser and go to such places and places like this?
“After passing through the beautiful silhouette of Tatara Bridge,
Playing with rabbits on rabbit island (Okunoshima)
An elegant moment in a hot spring with a view of the sea ”
We will provide you with a luxurious “Setouchi” experience that can only be made with charter flights.
Please feel free to consult about the tour plan.


Product name Setouchi cruising
Price Charter cruising 30,000 yen ~
Provided Date: Week / Time All year time 6: 00-18: 00
* Cancelled due to weather
Number of people 2 to 12
* Infants under one year old are not converted
One child over 1 year old and under 12 years old
12 years old and over are counted as one person
Language Japanese only
* Translation machine will support languages
Departure and dissolution Meeting @ Mihara Port (3-1-1 Shiromachi, Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture)
Designated time Dissolution Designated port Port entry time
Required time 1 hour, 2 hours
Service contents 〇 Cruiser rental for specified time
▲ Optional: Catering service (need consultation)
× Drinking water (Please prepare by participants)
Cancellation policy Cancellation 〇 days before reservation date 0%
〇 Cancellation 50% before day
〇 Cancellation 100% before day Cancellation due to weather (0%)