Anticipate the new flow of Setouchi art

¥ /person

The artist (Asuka Yasuda), the organizer of the pottery class PolePole,
offers a fun pottery experience,
“Comfortable to touch the soil-reminds of the childhood of playing in the mud innocently.”
It is the exhibition venue of the Hiroshima Triennale (September to November 2020)
An artistic guest house in Kosagijima, Mihara.
Departure location Hiroshima prefecture, Mihara city
Departure date and time 13:30 Depart from Mihara Station (Japan time)
Arrival date 12:00 Mihara Port
Including services nothing
Optional services nothing










































13:00 Mihara Station TAXI pick up
* Move by TAXI
13:20 Pottery Workshop PolePole Arrival reception
13:30 Start of pottery experience

Pottery experience Pottery Workshop PolePole

“It’s there if you notice it, as usual”

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16:30 Pottery experience end
16:50 TAXI welcome departure for Mihara Port
17:25 Departure from Mihara Port to Kosagi Island ※ By ferry
17:45 School of NAVEL Arrival Check-in
* Luggage storage

School of Navel

Remote island rental
Setouchi whole experience
Renovation of an old private houseJapanese style

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18:30 dinner
* Free after dinner




7:30 breakfast
* Free after breakfast
9:30 free time
12:00 Arrival at Mihara Port