Mihara is very delicious

Mihara's coastal inland sea is particularly suitable habitat for octopus and is also one of the leading places in the Seto Inland Sea and in Hiroshima prefecture for Octopus. In the fishing grounds inherited by the hereditary system,traditional "Octopus tsubo pot fishing" is still performed. At restaurants in Mihara city, you can enjoy octopus in [...]

Octopus sweets

Mihara is blessed with high quality water and the being a castle town. Mihara has long been confectionary destination. In Mihara there are not only long-established famous confectionaries that have been awarded at the National Confectionary Exposition level, but also the birth place of other famous sweets and snacks using Mihara's famous octopus and local [...]

Mihara-yaki (Okonomiyaki Mihara style)

Hiroshima prefecture is composed of former Aki county and former Bingo county. Mihara city is located on the border between these two former counties. Mihara is also influenced by the Kansai region, here you can taste Mihara's unique flavor of Okonomiyaki. Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki is commonly know as modern yaki which has soba or udon noodles. [...]

“Suishin Sake” is so good, you won’t realize how much you have drank until its too late.

Mihara has long been known for it's Sake breweries. In the literature published in 1645. Mihara Sake appeared and many breweries popped up and flourished. The only surviving brewery remaining now is " Suishin Yamane Honten" , 10 minutes walk from Mihara station, you will be greeted by a black and white decorative wall that [...]