Every February in Mihara, the Shinmei Festival is held, which is also known as “Daruma Festival”.
Venders line the streets displaying and selling the Daruma dolls.
The dolls are also displayed in various places throughout the city.
The festival came from the Edo period which is over 170 years ago.
The Daruma doll was sold and considered a bringer of luck and prosperity.
People would go to a ritual held at a shrine then buy Daruma doll for their family members and write their name on the back of the doll.
They would pray for safety, health and prosperity. These rituals have been treasured since ancient times.
The Mihara Daruma doll has features such as
(1) both eyes are already prefilled in,
(2) a headband with polka dots.
(3) a bell inside to help wishes came true.
(4) and a self righting mechanism to display a never give up attitude.
For the people of Mihara the Daruma is not just a good luck charm but represents a being whose thoughts and traditions are still alive.