Mihara castle is a traditional performing arts representative of Hiroshima prefecture
that boasts a tradition of over 450 years.
In 1567, celebrating the construction of the Mihara castle
by Sengoku Chisho Kobayakawa Takakage the public began to dance,
and play the Shamisen (a 3stringed instrument) ,
Japanese Taiko drums and Japanese flutes etc…
Regardless of age and gender, everyone would celebrate
and sing their favorite songs about Mihara city.
Since then when people say “Yassa Yassa ” in celebration for Mihara.
This dance has become famously know as the “Yassa Dance”.
“Mihara Yassa festival” is held every August.
About 110 teams and about 7000 dancers will participate in the festival’s dance.
Everyone can come and join in the festivities during the Yassa Festival days.