Pottery experience Pottery Workshop PolePole

Let's experience pottery ¥5,000/person Book content “It's there if you notice it, of course.” Experience of making such vessels. Bayside overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, The red door marks the workshop where female artists provide pottery experiences. Presiding "Asuka Yasuda" went to the United States in 2003 to study music. There he met ceramic art [...]

Setouchi Cruising

Enjoy 360 degrees in Setouchi ¥30,000〜/package Book content A luxurious cruising experience in the Seto Inland Sea that boasts the beauty of the archipelago! Why don't you rent a cruiser and go to such places and places like this? “After passing through the beautiful silhouette of Tatara Bridge, Playing with rabbits on rabbit island (Okunoshima) [...]

Hattendo Factory tour / bread making experience

Hattendo Cafelie bread making experience and factory tour ¥1,500/person Book content At Hattendo Cafelie you can enjoy a bread making experience and a factory tour! ! In the bread making experience, you can enjoy the experience of making only one bread in a world that can only be made by yourself and injecting plenty of [...]