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Sankeien Garden is a 6-hectare (1.3 Tokyo dome)
Tsukiyama Pond Izumi-style garden built in 1993
to commemorate the opening of Hiroshima Airport.
Hiroshima Prefecture is located on the southern side of the Chugoku Mountains,
and has many valleys against the backdrop of rugged,rich forests.
There are many scenic spots in the Seto Inland Sea represented by.
Sankeien is a garden where these landscapes are turned into gardens using the Japanese garden technique.
Sankeien is made up of three zones.
First is a mountain zone that makes use of natural forests,
and there is a waterfall which called “three-stage waterfall” with a height difference of about 14m.
Next, in the village zone, bamboo grove, plum grove,
irrigation pond (sato pond) and maple valley were arranged to image the village forest.
The other is a sea zone that represents the Seto Inland Sea.
There are the Nakashima group and bridges in the open sea, as well as “Shiomi-tei”,
a sukiya architecture reminiscent of Miyajima.
From these, it was named “Sankeien” after the three scenery of Hiroshima’s mountains, villages and the sea.

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Provided Date: Week / Time ALL Season, 9: 00-18: 00 (Autumn / Winter 17:00) Closed 12 / 29-31
Language Japanese.
Departure and dissolution 64-24 Zeniruji, Hongo-cho, Mihara-shi, Hiroshima
Open: 9:00 Closed: 17:00
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