Sankeien ¥270〜/person Book content Sankeien Garden is a 6-hectare (1.3 Tokyo dome) Tsukiyama Pond Izumi-style garden built in 1993 to commemorate the opening of Hiroshima Airport. Hiroshima Prefecture is located on the southern side of the Chugoku Mountains, and has many valleys against the backdrop of rugged,rich forests. There are many scenic spots in the [...]

Mihara Daruma

Every February in Mihara, the Shinmei Festival is held, which is also known as "Daruma Festival". Venders line the streets displaying and selling the Daruma dolls. The dolls are also displayed in various places throughout the city. The festival came from the Edo period which is over 170 years ago. The Daruma doll was sold [...]

Fabulous views of “Setuchi”

Setouchi was designated as a part of the Seto Inland Sea National park in 1950. And the beauty of the archipelago and is described as the best view in the Seto Inland sea area. On a clear day, you can view the Shikoku Islands and you can also see 7 out of 10 Shimanami Kaido [...]

Sea fog of Mihara Seto

The Nutagawa river, fog forms on the coast from Autumn to Winter. Although this phenomenon has never been explained. It is said that this phenomenon occurs mainly when the temperature of the water and when the air flows upward on the surface of the water producing water vaper. Most occurrences happen in the morning on [...]

Mihara Shinmeinosato Rest area

Shinmeinosato is a rest area where you can find many kinds of Mihara's famous things as well as octopus snacks, fresh local ingredients and speciality products. The observation deck offers a beautiful view of the Seto Inland Sea.

450 years of history Mihara’s Yassa Dance

Mihara castle is a traditional performing arts representative of Hiroshima prefecture that boasts a tradition of over 450 years. In 1567, celebrating the construction of the Mihara castle by Sengoku Chisho Kobayakawa Takakage the public began to dance, and play the Shamisen (a 3stringed instrument) , Japanese Taiko drums and Japanese flutes etc... Regardless of [...]

Buttsuji Temple

In 1397 Kobayakawa Haruhei welcomed a high priest after building the Buttsuji Temple. The Buttsuji Temple is one of the best places to learn buddihism in Japan. There are many cultural properties and scenic views from the grounds. The beauty of the Autumn leaves when approaching the temple is one of the best view in [...]