Gokurakuji Temple Shukubo Experience

¥ 11,000
(tax inclusive)/person

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In the 16th century, Samurai sometimes used temples instead of hotels when traveling in Japan.
Gokurakuji Temple has the largest exhibition hall in Japan,
with about 7,000 Dharma trees, which are still widely known as Japanese lucky charms.
The collection of Dharma from all over Japan is a masterpiece,
and It can be said that there are all the Dharma in here.
Guests can enjoy a special visit to this pavilion.
Staying at Guest House Daruma will be a trip to know both the Japanese temple experience program and the samurai’s life.
About Gokurakuji Temple
It was opened in 1237.
It was moved to its present location around 1661-72 as part of the maintenance of the castle grounds.
The mountain gate is an important cultural property of Mihara City
and was relocated from the old gate of the town magistrate’s office.
The temple has a museum on its premises with a collection of about 7,000 Daruma dolls from across the country.
It contains items of high academic value, such as a rare ceramic datsuma made in the Edo period.
Daruma Museam
“Within the precincts is the Museum of Daruma, which boasts a collection of about 7,000 Daruma from across the country.
The collection, which is of great interest to researchers and enthusiasts alike, spans all over Japan, and includes some items of high academic value, such as a rare ceramic datsuma made in the Edo period.
You can also listen to a story about the history of Daruma.
Let’s hope for peace of mind and good fortune in the future by Shakyo and Shabutsu.
After the Shakyo, you can take a break with powdered green tea and sweets
The main hall in a fantastic night
You can going to rest in a Japanese-style room with a futon.
The “Nembutsu experience” with Mokugyo (fish-shaped wooden temple drum)
Experience options:Mihara Daruma’s face writing experience
DARUMA-AN, an inn where you can rejuvenate your mind in an extraordinary space

Contents Information

Temple name Gokurakuji Temple
Address 3-5-1 Higashimachi , Mihara-shi, Hiroshima
Price 11,000 yen per night without meals 

<What’s included in the price>
Daruma Memorial Hall visit
Nenbutsu experience Shakyo experience
Matcha + Japanese sweets
Available time check-in 15:00~|check-out 10:00 |Number of guest rooms: 2 rooms
Maximum number of boarders. 5-people|Access control, light off 22 o’clock
* Please contact us in advance for reservations for children who do not need meals or bedding.
Number of people, restrictions, etc. 1 to 6 people
Language Japanese , We can provide Poketalk.
Facilities ● Bedding Futon
● Free Wi-Fi
● Air conditioning
● toilet Western style
※Bath and toilet are shared.
● Amenity
Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Soap/Body Towel/Face Towel/Bath Towel/Dryer/Toothbrush/Toothbrush/Facial Soap/Razor/Pajamas
※Please use the washroom for makeup, etc.
(Up to 2 people can use it at the same time)
※There is no lock on the room.
※There is no TV or refrigerator.
※Please take care of your luggage and valuables at your own risk. The temple is not responsible for any loss or theft.
Service Content ・Limited red stamp seal (Goshuin) 300 yen
This is a flower sacred stamp seal(GOSHUIN) associated with Gokurakuji Temple, which was once called Satsukiji Temple.
・Shakyo experience free
Let’s hope for peace of mind and good fortune in the future by Shakyo and Shabutsu.
・Nenbutsu experience free
Let’s purify our bodies and minds, and with the awareness to strive for the practice of Nembutsu, let’s praise the name of Amitabha with all our might, keep praising Nembutsu, and purify our minds through Nembutsu.
・Mihara Daruma’s face writing experience (basic) 3,000 yen + 600 yen / once
Recommended as a souvenir. Mihara’s folk art “Mihara Daruma” face painting
Cancel policy If you cancel with in five day of your reservation,
you will be charged a cancellation fee.5-2 days before / 30% of reservation fee
1 days before/ 50% of reservation fee
on the day / 100% of reservation fee
Contact KOTOYA info@koto-ya.com
Payment supported Tax-included price
Payment by cash only
Information ・ Notes ・We may be closed on some days due to events.
・ Applications may be refused if the room is full or on the day.
・ Washing machine is not available

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